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Len and Lowell Pratt began building homes in 1973. It was during those early years they began to realize their desire to build not just homes but neighborhoods as well. From those dreams came the inspiration of building a family business base upon the values of Quality, Trust and Dedication. Over the years, Len and Lowell have provided a long-standing commitment to the Twin Cities home building industry.

We have developed an exclusive “Now That You’ve Purchased” step-by-step timeline that walks you through the entire building process.We know from recent consumer surveys that many buyers do not consider building a new home because they feel it is too complicated and filled with many perceived obstacles.We are here to make sure the end result is Your New Home Made Easy.

In 1992, Lowell worked closely with the Minnesota Department of Commerce to draft statewide home construction standards that must be met in order for builders to do business in the State. As a result, Pratt Homes was issued Builder License #000001.

MN Builder License #000001

Our passion… our life’s work

Pratt Homes has always been a family affair – ever since Uncle Doug moved into the first official Pratt Home in Scandia in 1973. Each newly married and with student loans to pay off, brothers Len and Lowell banded together, determined to create a legacy.

They hired relatives and school friends as their business grew through the first start-up years. Now, over 1,000 families have chosen to make their dream homes with us, and we feel a deep sense of pride knowing that each home was built to our high standards and with our philosophy of quality construction and customer satisfaction.

In 1976, the Pratts began the development side of their business with five homes in Forest Lake. Three years later, they commenced with their first large-scale project: Birch Lake Woods, building over 60 single family homes and 128 multiple condo units in White Bear Lake.

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