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Checklist for Homeowner’s Maintenance

You, as homeowner, are responsible for the service and maintenance of your equipment, such as the changing or cleaning of air filters and lubrication and cleaning of components. Failure to properly operate or maintain your equipment could result in voiding any warranty stated in your copy of the manufacturer’s warranty. Please read the manuals left by our install team in the furnace folder on the plenum above your furnace.

Before you call for Service:

  • Check the furnace filter. Is it dirty? This could be restricting air flow and will even cause a lockout of your furnace if the air flow is blocked. In new homes, there is a huge amount of construction dirt left over even though the home looks spotless. Changing your furnace filter monthly will reduce the likelihood of furnace or air conditioning failure.
  • Are all the circuit breakers on? Is the door to the furnace cabinet on all the way? A loose door will not allow the furnace to ignite. This is a safety feature! Is the furnace switch on the furnace turned to on? Are all the fuses operational?
  • Is the thermostat set for Heat (or Cool, if your air conditioner is not functioning properly)? Is it at the right temperature setting?
  • Is the gas turned on?

Checklist for Homeowner’s Maintenance

  • It is recommended that you change your filter soon after moving in to your home, due to the large amount of construction dust, fibers, etc.
  • Continue to change your furnace filter on a monthly basis for the first year in your home.  After this time, judge according to how dirty the filter is when you remove it.  Change it if there is a moderate amount of dirt.  If the filter looks clean, perhaps you can change it each quarter.
  • Check the drain line for the furnace and coil at least once in the spring and again in the fall, to make sure it is not plugged.
  • During the winter months, check the outside vent pipe to make sure it is clear of snow.
  • Change your media air cleaner filter once every quarter during the first year of occupancy.  After this bi-annually is usually adequate.
  • Clean your electronic air cleaner monthly for the first year, then quarterly after this time.
  • Wash pre filters for the electronic air cleaner monthly; make sure the filters are dry before re-installing.
  • Electronic air cleaner cells and air exchanger filters can be cleaned in warm soapy water in your laundry tub.  Make sure they are completely dry before re-installing.
  • Check the intake and exhaust hoods on your air exchanger to make sure they are clear of debris.
  • Check the drain line on the air exchanger every fall to make sure it is not clogged.
  • Clean the filters in your air exchanger monthly during the first year of occupancy.  After this time bi-annually is usually adequate.
  • Change the water panel in your humidifier annually just before the heating season.
  • Make sure your outside air conditioning unit is clear of leaves, cottonwood fuzz, outdoor clippings, etc.
  • Make sure the breaker to the unit is on.
  • Check the outside disconnection by the unit to make sure it is in the on position.
  • Make sure your combustion intake is free of debris.
  • Manufacturer’s recommend that you have your furnace and air conditioner cleaned, oiled and verified once a year.  Call your manufacturer to find out what services they provide.
DOWNLOAD – Checklist for Homeowner’s Maintenance
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