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Homeowner Instructions

For circuit Breaker also listed as BRANCH/FEEDER ARC FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER (AFCI). Listing mark is on front of the breaker.

How do you locate an Arc Fault Breaker inside the panel?

Look for the circuit breaker that has a label on its front that reads “ARC FAULT BREAKER”. The label and the “TEST” button can be seen without removing the front trim on the panel board.

Homeowner should use the “TEST” button on the front of the breaker to test the breaker’s Arc Fault test circuit by tripping the breaker. The breaker handle moves to either the middle position or “OFF” position by opening the circuit. Test regularly, at least once per month. If the test button fails to trip the breaker, the breaker must be replaced. A qualified electrician should be used to replace the breaker.

To restore power move handle firmly to the “OFF” position and to the “ON” position.

What do you do if an Arc Fault Breaker trips?

If the breaker trips (handle moves to “OFF” position or to a middle position) remove all loads from the receptacles in this branch circuit. Restore power to the breaker to see if it will say “m”. If the breaker trips ggain, have an electrician check the permanent electrical wiring by first turning off any wall switches that control light fixtures or outlets. The fault could be arcing, poor insulation, shorted wires, wet connections, wet conduit, a neutral lead pinched to grounded.

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