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Owner’s Plumbing List

  • Drain outside spigots in fall before first freeze — locate shut-off in unfinished area in basement; close valve inside, open spigot outside, turn air drain on inside valve to open — reverse in the spring.
  • In case of water emergency, shut-off main valves at meter.
  • All individual fixtures are valved with shut-off for emergency or service — except shower and tub.
  • Disposal jammed- use disposer wrench left under sink- no power- try reset button on disposer- run maximum water when using disposal.
  • Note — cleanout’s at base of stacks for waste line plugged- see front cleanout near front of house.
  • Note — gas shut-off valves for gas appliances located near furnace for emergency purposes.
  • Note — water heater relighting instructions on water heater.
DOWNLOAD – Owner’s Plumbing List
PRINT - Owner's Plumbing List