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Pratt Homes Warranty Statement

Regarding: Concrete at Driveways and Sidewalks

Road salt and de-icing salts used on your concrete driveway, sidewalks, stoops, and nearby exterior cultured stone can be very damaging to the surface, causing it to pit and scale. This is not a defect on workmanship, and not covered under warranty. Extreme caution should be used when removing snow and ice from sidewalks and driveways. Refrain from using salt. Brush road salt off tires with a broom.

Regarding: Cultured Stone on Exterior

Using a sealant on the stone is not recommended. The cultured stone needs to breathe and allow moisture to escape. Repair is the responsibility and expense of the homeowner.

Regarding: Interior Ceramic Tile

Pratt Homes will correct cracks or loose ceramic tiles only if documented prior to taking occupancy.

Pratt Homes will correct cracks in ceramic grout joints in excess of 1/8” one time only. Cracks in joints are common.

Deterioration of caulk anywhere in the home is strictly homeowner maintenance. All interior caulk will shrink and deteriorate overtime and needs maintenance.

Regarding: Wallpaper and Drywall

Pratt Homes recommends that you refrain from wallpapering your new home until you have lived in it for one full year, allowing the home to go through a heating and cooling season. It is possible that the drywall may crack during the home’s settling process, consequently causing your wallpaper to tear.

Pratt Homes will repair the drywall, but the homeowner is responsible for any costs associated with repair to wallpaper.

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