We were fortunate to be able to tour The New American Remodel before the tour busses arrived. We visited this stunning mid century ranch style home just as the sun was beginning to set which gave the home a wonderfully warm glow.

The New American Remodel

Located on Lake Sue in Orlando, FL this 2500 square foot home has been remodeled once before this amazing remodel. We were lucky to run into the designer who was part of the first remodel when the home was initially purchased.

What a story he had to tell. When the home was purchased it smelled heavily of cigarette smoke and ferrets. The home was dark and dank and had to be taking down to its bones to get rid of the smell. And what great bones this stunning home had, even with all the ferrets.

The New American Remodel

The home features straight lines which draw the eye in. The mahogany wood added to the warmth provided from all the natural sunlight which flowed in from expansive windows.

With the most remodel the home was expanded from 2500 square feet to 6693 square feet including a 100 square foot guest house.

In addition to expanding the footprint of the home, updates were made to the mechanics of the home, increasing the home’s energy efficiency. Originally the home had a HERS score of 115. This meant the home was 15% less efficient than average new home builds. Not so surprising for a home built in 1963.With all the energy updates including solar panels, Bosch water heaters and other energy efficient updates the home boasts a HERS score of -22!

The home is gorgeous, beautifully designed and decorated and yet it feels so comfortable and cozy. This is a home built for entertaining with friends and family. The outdoor kitchen surrounding the pool and fire pit space  provide a year-round gathering place outside in the warm Florida air. Located in a heavily residential lakeshore neighborhood, this home feels like an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world.

The New American Remodel