What are today’s homeowners looking for in terms of home design? What sets a home apart from the rest in convenience, versatility, and livability? According to a recent survey by Better Homes & Gardens, it comes down to six top spaces:

1. Separate laundry room.
2. More storage and built-ins.
3. Home office.
4. Outdoor grilling/living area.
5. Second bedroom with a private bath.
6. Everyday eating space close to the kitchen.

A lot of those features sounded really familiar to us, so we thought it would be fun to compare that list against one of our models. Here’s how our St. Olaf model performs:

Always reassuring to see that what we’ve learned about how people live in their homes jives with what others are seeing, but what do you think? Are there spaces or features that aren’t on that list that you think should be?