Spring Home Maintenance

Due to El Niño, spring has come early in Minnesota! Take advantage of this extra warm weather by getting a head start on your spring home maintenance.

Exterior Maintenance

Winters are pretty rough in Minnesota, even the mildest winters can cause havoc to a home so it’s a good idea to start your spring maintenance with an inspection of your home exterior. Take a walk around your home and check out the foundation for any cracks. Minor cracks can be caulked, but bigger ones will need professional attention.

Check your chimney for any loose bricks or mortar. If you’ve got vegetation growing that means you’ve got water coming in, it might be time to reseal the chimney.

Check the exterior for water spots, stains, and buckling – any of these can cause trouble if left untreated so take care of them as soon as possible.

You don’t have to climb up onto your roof to see what kind of shape it’s in. If you’ve got torn or missing shingles it could be time for a new roof. If you’ve got a warranty on your roof then it’s time to call the roofer for a quick repair.

Check your windows to make sure they shut tight. If weather stripping needs repair do so before you start cooling your home and you’ll save money.

Dethatch your yard with a sturdy rake and put down grass seed in any bare patches. Use weed killer now before they become a problem.

When you turn your exterior faucet back on check for any leaks.

Check garage floor for cracks or loose concrete.

Clean out gutters and make sure downspouts are free from any debris. Consider a topper to prevent leaves and other debris from clogging gutters and downspouts.

Interior Maintenance

Spring is a great time for a really good cleaning. Check out these spring cleaning tips for more about cleaning. Make sure to clean the places that you don’t normally see like the top of cabinets, bookshelves, etc. Clean under things as well. The fridge, couch, china cabinet all need regular cleaning. If you have pets or small children you’ll likely find all kinds of long lost objects underneath your furniture.

Now is the time to get your air conditioner primed for the summer months. Get it inspected by a professional if necessary, otherwise be sure sure to replace the air filters and check any hoses to make sure there are no leaks. Use a vacuum to gently clean any dust that may have settled in the unit over the long winter.

If you have a basement you probably have some kind of moisture issue you’re dealing with. If you use a dehumidifier be sure it is running optimally. Check where walls meet the floor for signs of water damage. If you have visible concrete flooring check for cracks there too. Clean ceilings with a vacuum to remove cobwebs, inspect for insect damage while vacuuming.

Clean windows with a solution of vinegar and water (1 cup of vinegar to one gallon of water). Sponge on solution and wipe dry with newspaper for a streak free shine.

Rent a carpet cleaner from Ace Hardware, Menard’s or Home Depot and clean your rugs and carpets yourself.