Designing Your Dream Bathroom

Whether you’re thinking about remodeling an outdated bathroom or you’re looking to add an additional bathroom to your home there are many bathroom design trends to keep in mind. From the soaking tub to floating vanity many of today’s hot trends are about clean lines and ease of use (and clean up).

Floating Vanities

The vanity is the heart of the bathroom but if you don’t have much room you don’t want to fill it up with a clunky vanity. Today’s vanities offer beauty and function but don’t clutter up the space like larger vanities with cabinetry. A floating vanity is easy to clean under and lets you showcase your flooring that otherwise might be covered by cabinets.

Built In Ledge

Not only practical but beautiful as well. Built in ledges provide smaller places with ample storage while keeping the space organized and clean looking.

Bold Colors

You don’t have to remodel the whole bathroom to brighten it up. A bold color of paint can turn a drab bathroom into a lovely oasis. Just lock the door so the kids don’t barge in on you.

Multi Headed Showers — Nothing says luxury quite like multiple streams of pressurized water coming at you from every direction.

In Floor Heating

Energy efficient and wonderfully luxurious. Nothing is worse than getting out of a warm shower or bath and stepping on to cold tile. In floor heating is radiant and can keep the room warm with less energy. There is also less need for radiators or baseboard heating elements that take up space.

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When designing your new bathroom also be sure to include plenty of storage space. Here are some tips to consider when trying to add more storage space to your bathroom;


Make your bathroom perfect by ensuring the height of your vanity is adjusted for the people using it. Mom and dad may need a higher vanity in their bathroom, generally between 34 and 42 inches, but if the kids don’t have their own bathroom, you may want to consider having multiple vanities set at different heights.

Vertical Storage

If the space below the sink just doesn’t cut it, consider going up. The space above the mirror is often a great place to install cabinetry or shelving for additional storage space. Storage space above the vanity isn’t only practical, it can also break up the lines and add visual interest to the room.

Self-Standing Additions

Self standing additions can help to add some much needed space at a low cost. Visit second hand stores or thrift shops to find unique pieces to use as added storage. Use an old magazine rack to hold towels or convert an old crib for use as a corner piece for display and storage.


Use hooks and bars for towels and robes and other not so obvious items like hair dryers and curling irons. Attach hooks to the side of the vanity or along the walls to increase your storage and make items easily accessible.

Display Areas

Display areas in a bathroom can help add splashes of color, tie the theme together, or add space to put some of those knickknacks you can’t otherwise find space for. Create lovely display areas by installing recessed shelves or shadowboxes. Display your favorite bath salts, lotions and other potions as well as framed artwork or inspirational messages.

Maximize the Space

Use doors and walls to maximize the space in a small area. Hooks on the back of the door make it easy to hang a travel case for guests or even a wet towel. Consider adding little luxuries like a heated towel rack. Don’t forget to put a wall mirror on the wall opposite the vanity to increase the illusion of size in the room.