According to the National Association of Home Builders, April is New Homes Month. If you’ve ever thought about building your dream home there are many great benefits to building new rather than buying a used home.

According to Trulia, more people prefer new homes to existing homes by a margin of 2 to 1. It probably comes as no surprise that people prefer new homes. There are many benefits to building your own home including:

Customization – No matter what your budget it, you’ll be able to have some influence over the home as it’s being built. From something as simple as choosing the paint color to all out designing a custom home, your home will be just that – yours. It will be built with the way you live in mind. You don’t fit your life around your home, the home is designed based on your needs.

Modernization – If you’ve lived in an older home you know what a challenge it can be to operate today’s technology. In an older home you’re going to have cables and wires running outside the walls just to use computers, printers, cell phones. Today’s new homes are built with today’s technology in mind so outlets are often equipped with USB ports for charging all kinds of devices. Charging stations are common and homes are set up with WiFi in mind. In a new home, extension cords are virtually unnecessary.

Energy Effieciancy – Newly built homes are built with the newest construction materials which tend to be more energy efficient. Additionally, new homes can be constructed with solar panels, in floor heating and even geothermal systems if within your budget. A new home is more energy efficient and that saves you money.

Design Elements – Today’s new homes feature design elements that families and individuals are looking for – open floor plans, eat in kitchens, sport courts and media rooms are just some of the design elements you won’t find in a 20 year or 100 year old home.

These are just some of the benefits of building your own home. The satisfaction of knowing the home you live in has been built specifically for you is also an added bonus. If you’ve been thinking of building a new home but don’t know where to start, give us a call, we’ll walk you through the process.