The construction industry is putting a lot of thought into making their homes as eco-friendly as possible. Bamboo is able to grow in as little as three to five years, whereas most hardwood trees can twenty years or more. As such, bamboo is a great alternative to hardwood floors when you wish to become more conscious of your carbon footprint.

Bamboo flooring has many of the properties of regular hard wood floors, and as such also has many of the same benefits and drawbacks. Bamboo is fairly easy to maintain, you only have to sweep or vacuum it to remove dust and debris. When necessary use a damp mop or hardwood/bamboo floor cleanser. It is slightly more resistant to water damage than hardwood, but it can still be a problem, so you need to address any spills ASAP.

Here at Pratt Remodeling we will do what we can to make your home as personalized as possible. If you’re interested in adding bamboo flooring to your home be sure to ask for a consultation!  We can help you replace the flooring in your current home or make it a feature in your new one.