The bathroom is possibly one of the rooms that will take the most forethought when designing. The bathroom requires careful consideration of space, materials, lighting, and additional luxuries to really shine. The following is a list of things to consider when designing your dream bathroom.

Function First and Foremost – The bathroom is one of the most used rooms of the home and if it’s not functional your entire family is likely to suffer. Be sure to consider space, storage, power outlets, etc. Consider the other tips below to learn how to plan out a more functional bathroom.

Consider the Space and Map out Luxuries Accordingly – Make sure there is enough space in your bathroom for every feature you’d like to incorporate into it. Think about where things will be stored in the bathroom, do you have enough storage space? Is there enough counter space? Where will you need power outlets? Can doors and drawer open without bumping into things? Make sure you have enough room to maneuver around the bathroom. These are all important things to consider when planning your bathroom.

Plan for the Future – This is important not only when considering the aesthetic design of your bathroom, but when thinking about possible mobility issues in the future. We all grow old, and if you’ve gone through the trouble of remodeling or painstakingly designing your home, you’ll likely not want to move out in your later years. Make sure there is enough space in the room to move around freely, that doorways are wide enough, and plan areas for future grab bars or other wall mounted accessories.

Additionally, consider the future when it comes to the aesthetic design of the bathroom as well. Try not to follow outrageous trends that are popular now but will seem silly in 10 years when it comes to more permanent things like the fixtures and surfaces of your bathroom. Have fun with the colors and furnishings as these can easily be replaced.

Decide on the Colors and Motif – As mentioned above, try not to go too crazy when designing your bathroom, as you may not like it further down the road. However, colors are something you can have fun with, and the best way to turn a regular bathroom into a de-stressing zone is by creating an overall motif for the room.

Ask yourself these questions;

What do I like about my current bathroom?
What don’t I like about my current bathroom?

These questions can help you determine what it is you’re looking for in your new bathroom. Determine how you want your bathroom to make you feel. Maybe you’re looking for a spa-like retreat, or it’s possible you live in an old Victorian home and would like a more antiquated look to your bathroom. No matter the case, you should determine ahead of time what kind of motif you’d like to follow.

Do Your Research – Consider the materials you’d like to use in your bathroom and do your research! There are advantages and disadvantages in choosing tile over marble and visa versa. Additionally you should consider the materials of all other fixtures used in the bathroom. Different materials require varying degrees of maintenance. Due to the varying temperatures and humidities of the bathroom throughout the day, some materials just won’t hold up.

Carefully Consider the¬†Fixtures – The fixtures of your bathroom should be chosen carefully. While they are a great way jazz up the bathroom, they are also more difficult to change if you decide you don’t like them at a later date.

Consider Lighting – Keep in mind the difference between fluorescent lighting an incandescent bulbs. It’s always good to consider adding a little natural lighting to any room, especially a room you’ll be getting ready for the day in.