In this installment of Building Your Dream Home Step by Step we’re going to talk about the foundation. We’ve got a new spec home under construction in Twenty-One Oaks of Woodbury – The Conifer, and last week the foundation was completed.

Pratt Homes Villas, Executive Home Builder

The Conifer is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom floor plan with 3 car garage. It is an on-grade design with 1,793 square feet of space. Because this design is on-grade it is important that the foundation have ample insulation to keep the warmth in during the cold months and the warm out during the warm months.

This model has an R5 thermo break added to the R10 for a total of R15 around the outer permitter of the foundation. This feature, provides affordable heating and cooling.

In addition to the R value, the foundation provides a barrier from the outside elements – specifically water.

An on-grade design easily accommodates in-floor heating, if desired by the homeowner. In floor heating is a great feature in climates like Minnesota. Heat is concentrated at ground level, rather than accumulating in the highest points of the house. The environment is easier to keep balanced and comfortable.