The color you choose for certain rooms in your home can affect your perception of the space around you. It can alter your daily mood and help to make a room feel spacious or cramped. Your color choice has a huge effect on how your home will live.

Many people make the mistake of simply choosing the rooms color first, and then building the room around that color. Unfortunately this method does not work. If you pick the color first, the rest of the room’s décor is going to have to focus around that color. The color of the room should accent of the room, the room shouldn’t accent the chosen color.

There are certain things you can do to help you choose the perfect color scheme for the rooms of your home.

Find Inspiration

You can find inspiration anywhere. Whether it’s from a favorite work of art, a picture in a magazine, or images of home décor you’ve found on pinterest, start by collecting these inspiring images in one spot.

Once you’ve found your inspiration try to determine why you like certain images or color schemes over others.

Define the Mood of the Room

Think about what mood you’d like to create in each room. Whether you’re trying to create peace and tranquility in a room or productivity, proper color choice can help achieve these moods.

Use Key Elements in your Home

Make sure to consider the items that already exist in your home. It’s highly likely that you already have some items that you’re planning to put into the room you’d like to paint. When choosing a color keep these items in mind. Look at the colors of rugs, pictures, upholstery, and statement items, and when you’re choosing your paint, try to choose a color that flows with these items.

Consider the Entire House

It’s important to consider how each room of your house flows into the next, especially if you have a home with an open floor plan. In open floor plans, carefully selected accent walls are your best option.

Think about your Lighting

The same color can look very different under different types of lighting. When choosing your paint color you need to consider the type of light that is already in the room, and the type of lighting you’re going to be adding to the room.

If you’d like to make a room have a warm feeling, an incandescent bulb between 2700k and 3000k will work best. If you’d like to make the room feel cooler, a bulb between 3500k and 4100k will work best. Or, if you’d like to imitate the suns natural light, a bulb between 5000k and 6500k should be your choice.


These general guidelines are a great starting point to help you choose the perfect color for your home. The color you choose can have a huge effect on your mood throughout the day, so make sure you choose a color that you enjoy!