Although remodeling your home can be a time consuming process, in the end the time spend is definitely worth while. When you choose to remodel your home you’re ensuring that your home  is exactly what you want, that you choose the exact finished in your home. So if you’ve bought a used home, or it’s been a while since your last update, choosing to remodel is a great idea.

Some decisions regarding your remodel are easier to make than others and might simply rely on your personal preference. Other choices, however, may take a little more thought on what will work best for your family now and in the future. Choosing between enameled cabinets and stained cabinets is one such decision.

When selecting the cabinetry for your kitchen you’ll want to make sure that you have chosen wisely. Your kitchen cabinets are fixtures that will be in your home for a long time so be sure not to simply purchase them based on current trends. Today’s trendy cabinets might look  dated a few years down the road. If you want your kitchen to look ageless, you’ll want to ensure your cabinets can also withstand the test of time.

So, what’s the difference between enameled cabinets and stained cabinets?

Enameled Cabinets

Enameled kitchen cabinets are elegant, can help to create a light an airy feeling in your kitchen with proper color choices, and are currently a hot trend in home design. Enameled cabinets allow for a beautiful painted finish that will allow you to more easily incorporate any feeling you like into your kitchen. Light and airy, sleek and modern, rustic and homey, and other options are all open to you and depending on your cabinets finish can be updated as your tastes change. Any dents or scratches left on your cabinets can be difficult to repair. Due to the application process and smooth finish, simply using a paint brush to cover up any blemishes isn’t always an option.

Stained Cabinets

Stained cabinets are a little easier to  maintain and are often cheaper than enameled cabinets though no less stunning. A stained finish can help to provide a traditional look to your home by adding warmth and character. If you’re considering stained cabinets you don’t have the limitless color options of enameled cabinets, but you do have the type of wood and finish to consider. Some woods  are harder than others and take different stain colors more readily. The color of stain that you would like will affect the type of wood you’ll need.

Alder – is a soft wood and dents easier than other woods. The plus to this type of wood is that it can be stained in a variety of colors and is the most cost efficient.

Poplar – is a little harder than Alder, it is cost efficient, but can only be stained a darker color as its shows a lot of green wood grain if its stained to light.

Maple – is the next harder product, it’s a step up in price from the last 2, sometimes shows a blotchy look to it if its stained too light, otherwise dark is no problem.

Cherry – is next harder product, it’s a step up in price from Maple and will actually get darker as time goes on.

When choosing between stained cabinets and enameled cabinets simply keep this in mind; don’t let trends dictate the selections you choose, choose the selections that make you feel at home. Also, if you’re worried about small children potentially causing damage to your cabinets you may want to consider cherry cabinets for  their harder wood.