Decorative wood beams can be one of the most attractive features in a home, a showpiece, adding elegance and charm to a  room making it unique and special. Trends come and go, but handcrafted elegance lasts forever.

Timeless Smart Design

Every valuable home begins with a well thought out floor plan. A great deal of thought and design work to create floorplans that make sense, have functional flow and a design that will hold the test of time.

Detailed Drawing

The beams are sketched and designed to highlight a room and be a focal piece of beauty.

Woodworking Artisans

Each beam is built by highly skilled woodworking artisans. Employed by Pratt Homes taking pride in every piece they create.

Pratt Homes Craftsmen Hard at Work

Each beam is handcrafted and hand-finished to bring out the beauty of the grain and a depth of character.

The Pratt Homes team of craftsmen are highly skilled and dedicated to delivering extraordinary pieces, unmatched in quality or craft.