Pratt Remodeling is know for great Kitchen Remodels in the Twin Cities metro area. We can take a dull, poorly planned kitchen and turn it into something that is not only functional but altogether beautiful and fun to create wonderful meals in. To see some of our great kitchen remodels in the Twin Cities click here for several different ‘before’ and ‘after’ images of some Minnesota Kitchens.

At Pratt Homes we’re concerned with being an eco friendly home builder and remodeler. The average home contains up to 25 gallons of toxic chemicals, many of which are store-bought cleaners. If you have kids, pets or an eco-friendly attitude, this might make you nervous. Good news: By making your own household cleaning products, you can break free from those chemical bonds, save money and keep your house squeaky clean. This infographic contains 3 DIY Cleaning Products to get you started on your homemade cleaning arsenal.