As home remodelers in the Twin Cities, we’re always on the lookout for the latest in design trends. These are the design trends to look for in 2017. From the return of bright and bold color to a home designed with warmth in mind, these are just some of the design trends you’ll be seeing in the coming months.

Design Trends to Look for in 2017

Jewel Tones – Jewel tones are back! Goodbye neutrals and hello color! You’ll find bright jewel tones used in upholstery, wall paper, paint, flooring – anywhere you want to see a pop of color.

Terra Cotta – Building on the idea of warmth, terra cotta will be utilized in floor tile, wall tile and accessories like containers, book ends, and other accessories.

Nooks and Crannies – While an open floor plan remains popular, people want a cozy place to retreat to for reading, unwinding and relaxing. Book nooks will be a big trend in 2017 and on.

Subway Tile – The clean look that subway tile provides isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Subway tile provides a lovely neutral that can be paired with most decor. Subway tiles are a great basic for any kitchen, bath or mud room.

Wood Tile – This is a new trend that has some legs to it. Wood tile adds warmth and character to any room and provides a modern twist on the rustic look that has been popular for the last few years.

Hygge – Hygge is the Danish idea of warm and cozy. A book nook could be hygge, but so could the couch or the bedroom. It’s using blankets, pillows etc to create a warm and cozy space to relax.

Cork – Cork is making a comeback, too. Cork is a natural in the kitchen, rear foyer, laundry room, office and craft room. Anyplace you need a little organization is a great place for cork. Because it is a natural substance, it also brings warmth into the room while being eco friendly.

Repurposed Items – Upcycling is a great way to get more use out of any item. Turn an old desk into a stunning dressing table with a mirror and some fabric. Scour antique stores and garage sales for great finds and turn them into unique treasures.

Heated Floors – Are you noticing a theme here? Heated floors is another trend that provides warmth to the room. Common in master baths, now you’ll see this affordable luxury in mud rooms, kitchens, screened in porches and even in the garage.

Smart Devices – We’ve been seeing smart devices come on the market for a few years now, but with the introduction of Google Now this year competing with Amazon’s Echo you’ll see more and more devices designed to go online. Many features in your home can be voice activated such as lights, the thermostat, outlets, stereo etc. With these smart assistants you can access the web and control your home all with just your voice.

From all of us at Pratt Remodeling, have a safe and Happy New Year!