Today is Earth Day! Earth day was established back in 1970 and is considered the day the modern environmental movement was born.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Aren’t sure what to do? Earth Day is all about being Eco Friendly so here are several ways you can celebrate Earth Day in and around the house.

Turn off the lights – When you aren’t in the room turn off the lights. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Switch out the old incandescents for eco friendly light bulbs – As of Jan. 1st 2014 incandescent bulbs are no longer manufactured as they had been. They can still be manufactured but must be more energy efficient. Go for LEDs or CFLs to save energy.

Properly inflate your tires – Yep, you can celebrate Earth Day by properly inflating your tires. More 700 million gallons of gas is wasted by incorrectly inflated tire!

Take a walk – Not only is a walk good for the soul it’s good for your body too. And it keeps a carbon emitting vehicle off the road for a little while. If you live in a neighborhood with a good walk score take advantage of it and start hoofing it.

Plant a tree or garden – Get outside and get your hands dirty. Plant a tree or start plotting out your garden for a healthy and green summer.


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