The leaves have reached their peak and are falling. Hopefully you got out and enjoy their beauty this autumn. Hard to believe that the first snowfall is only weeks away. Of course that means Halloween is right around the corner. If you haven’t decorated your home for Halloween yet, there is still time. Plenty of time in fact, if you use these easy Halloween home decorating ideas from around the web.

Easy Halloween Home Decorating

Eyeball Lights

These DIY Eyeball Lights from Landeelu are super cute and super easy. All you need is a string of Christmas light, some ping pong balls and a handful of Sharpies. See the full instructions here.

Tangled Spider Web

This tangled spider web from My Untangled Life is creepy, creative and really easy. All you need for this scary spider web is some rope, a few hooks and of course a big scary spider. Click on the link for full instructions and how-tos.

Blackened Plants

These blackened plants from Good Housekeeping are so simple anyone can do it and you won’t kill a plant to get the look. Simply purchase some faux plants from Michaels or any other craft store and spray with black spray paint. Cover the plant and pot in paint and add black sand to the pot to complete the look. Best to spray paint outdoors or well ventilated area.

Haunted Terrarium

This Haunted Terrarium from HGTV is absolutely adorable and something the kids will love to help create. This one requires a few more supplies than the others listed above, but once it’s made can be stored and used for years to come. Click here for supply list and complete instructions.

Jack-o’-Lantern Luminaries

Here’s another great idea from HGTV. These Jack-o’-Lantern Luminaries are so easy and so cute you’ll want to line your whole sidewalk with them. Use LED candles to safely illuminate them. Click here for the complete instructions and supply list.