At Pratt Remodeling we know what a big undertaking a home remodel can be. We understand that homeowners put a lot of thought into the decision to remodel their existing home. We also understand that the task, even what seems simple like a bathroom remodel, can be overwhelming. Because we understand how challenging a home remodel can be we’ve put together many free resources to help homeowners make their home remodel as easy as possible.

We offer a free planning guide to help with budgets, plans and design. We offer a handy tool to estimate the cost of your project. And, we even offer the option to visit other homes that have recently remodeled their homes. You can be the first to see the final result of a home remodeling project at our VIP home tours. These tours are not open to the public and are held only once. We have a free downloadable guide featuring must know design tips.

We also offer what we think is the most helpful resource for homeowners who are thinking about remodeling their home. We offer a free consultation with Mike of Pratt Remodeling. The call is ten minutes, it’s at your convenience and it can be one of the best resources you can find when it comes time to remodel.

Click here to learn more about the free resources from Pratt Remodeling.

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