You’ve been dreaming of a new kitchen forever and you’ve finally decided now is the time to take the plunge and remodel the kitchen. If you’re thinking about getting ready for a kitchen remodel, there are many things you’ll need to do before you sign with a contractor. Of course you’ll want to get referrals from friends, neighbors and c0-workers, and you’ll probably also want to make sure your contractor is licensed and insured. If you’ve found a reputable contractor, these are the next steps you’ll need to take for a successful kitchen remodel.

Getting Ready for a Kitchen Remodel: What you Need to do Before the Contract is Signed

  1. Know What You Want – Don’t worry, we’ll help you design the best kitchen for the space you have, you just need to know what kinds of features and amenities you’d like to include. Is an island a must-have? We can make it happen. Have you always wanted a Butler’s Pantry? We can make that happen, too. Before you sign any contracts you should have an idea of timeframe, schedule and cost, not to mention exactly how your new kitchen will look when completed.
  2. Keep Changes to a Minimum – We want to make sure you get the kitchen makeover you’ve always dreamed of, that’s why it’s important to be organized going into the project. It’s costly to make changes once the project begins, it also increases the timeframe to complete the kitchen remodel. If you can help it, refrain from making change orders once construction has begun. Small changes like faucet design or light fixtures is not a big deal, but it could mean a delay if the product needs to be ordered.
  3. Realistic Expectations – Your kitchen remodel will be everything you and your contractor discussed, expectations should remain high for the outcome (because you’re going to love it!), however, it’s important to have realistic expectations with regard to the project itself. When doing a remodel, you can never know for sure what lies behind the walls until you get into them. Especially on older homes. DIY TV shows make kitchen remodels seem as if they can be completed in a weekend (they can’t). Be realistic about the timeline and you’ll be much happier. Of course, if your contractor says the project should be completed within a reasonable timeframe you have every right to expect that to be the case.
  4. Permitting – As the contractor, we take care of all the permits and make sure all of the work is up to code. If you are considering a contractor who asks you to pull the permit, you should find another contractor.