At Pratt Remodeling we take pride in our family of employees. This month we’ve chosen two to highlight. These are the men and women who turn your ideas into reality. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom or the family room in the basement, these are the people who make the magic.

Spotlighting one of our Carpenters

Hello Kevin Heiling!

Kevin has steadfastly worked at Pratt Homes for the past 32 years. When Kevin started way back in the mid-1980’s, he thought $6.25 sounded really good to him!

Kevin’s title and main job here at Pratt Remodeling is as a Supervisor of Rough Carpentry. What does that mean? He is into Demolition and Framing, and that is his favorite thing to do!

Things have changed in the years Kevin has worked with Pratt and he has many funny and unusual stories while working  on the job site. No day is the same.

Kevin’s hobbies are puttering around, making and fixing stuff.

He lives in Wyoming, MN with his wife and 2 children.

Pratt Homes and Remodeling looks forward to many more years with Kevin!


Spotlighting our Newest Employee at Pratt Remodeling! 

Let’s Welcome Jacob Strand!

Jacob started work at Pratt almost a year ago! He came to us from Dunwoody College of Technology

Jacob’s job title is Project Manager and his position includes Scheduling, Plans, Estimates, Contracts and Project Specs. We plan to keep Jacob busy!

His favorite job here is when he can go out to the job-site and also those contract signings!

His most funny story is the first time he drove the work truck, the guys put a can under the tire so he thought he hit something –  they got me good!

What kind of relationships do you build with your clients? Jacob says very close relationships that last a lifetime.

In his off time, Jacob’s hobbies are Golf, Frisbee Golf, Fishing, Hunting, Skiing and Hockey – and he is a Viking Fan! SKOL!

Jacob lives in New Prague, MN and he has 3 brothers.  He has a twin brother and his 2 older brothers are also twins!