Thanksgiving preparation isn’t all about the food. . . or it doesn’t have to be anyways! To really get yourself into the holiday mindset, why not decorate your front yard this November? Not only is it a way to jump start your holiday celebration, it’s also a great way to come up with activities for younger kids.

Fall is a great time of year, the colors are absolutely gorgeous! So why not use those colors (oranges, burgundies, yellows, reds, browns) and spruce up your front yard.

Here’s a list of some DIY projects for you to consider; 

Fall Wreaths 

Cork Wreath – If you’re the type that saves all of the corks from your wine bottles for the project you might eventually want to try out, now’s the time to use them! Additionally, you can buy used corks in bulk from Amazon. Check out this post on Save-on-Crafts if you’d like to learn how to make your own cork wreath.

Pine Cone Wreath – Another great wreath to make, and it can be made out of yard waste! All you need is a Styrofoam ring, hot glue, and some pine cones! If you don’t have a pine tree in your yard, you can consider going on a hike (we have plenty of trails in MN and the weather is still fabulous mid November!) or heading over to the local craft store and purchasing some pine cones. Take a look at this post from Keep Calm and Decorate for more detailed instructions.

Corn Husk Wreath – This wreath is another easy and cheap wreath to make, all you’ll need is corn husks, T pins, a straw wreath, hot glue, and scissors. For more detailed instruction on how to make a corn husk wreath, as well as an image of a completed one, view this post on the Martha Stewart website.

Dried Corn Wreath – For this wreath all you will need is dried Indian corn that is 4 inches or smaller, a straw wreath, and some hot glue. This wreath is able to bring in all of the colors of autumn to your front yard. For more detailed instruction visit Harker Tales blog.

Mini Pumpkin Wreath – To make your own mini pumpkin wreath you need reindeer moss, faux mini pumpkins, spay adhesive, some hot glue, and a wide wreath. To view more detailed instructions and an image of a finished wreath, visit this post at

Book Page Wreath – Dictionary and book page wreaths are a great way to spice up your fall decorations and they’re so simple to make!  You can use an old dictionary or old books, and add a pretty satin ribbon for a touch of fall. To view detailed instructions visit Keeping With the Times blog.


For more inspiration, check out pinterest for more fall decoration ideas! Here’s a board to get you started.