No-one wants to get robbed on Christmas Eve. So, in an attempt to help keep your family and home safe this holiday season, easyfit garage doors created this infographic with a Dr. Seuss twist. 

The tips listed include the following.

Set a timer on your lights and install a motion detector for outside of your home.

Light timers are cheap, easy to set up and are available at most hardware stores. By having your lights on a timer it will appear that someone is home, deterring any potential ‘in the moment’ thefts.

Keeping the area around your home is one of the best ways to deter intruders. One of the most important things to do as a burglar, is to keep out of sight. If suddenly a bright light is shining on them, they’ll likely rethink breaking in to your home.

Don’t announce your plans via social media.

We announce everything on social media these days, but one thing burglars would love to know, is where and for how long you’ll be out of the house on your Christmas vacation.

Don’t leave a message on your answering machine telling callers that you’re out of town.

For the same reason you shouldn’t announce your plans on social media, you should also not announce it on your answering machine as it completely exposes you to thieves.

Involve friends or neighbors.

Tell your neighbors that you’ll be out of town. Ask them to remove any mail or newspapers that are left outside of your home, to keep an eye on your home while you’re gone, and leave them with a space key in case of emergencies.

Shut your blinds. 

Don’t let potential thieves see your Christmas tree with all of the presents under it. It can be tempting to place the tree right in front of the window for the whole neighborhood to see, but that also makes it easy for potential thieves to know exactly where you’ll be placing your presents come Christmas eve.

Even if you don’t have a tree, it’s important to keep your blinds shut so that potential thieves can’t see any of your valuables. Often burglaries are a simple case of window shopping.

Don’t leave the boxes and wrappings of expensive gift items in your bin.

Leaving packaging from your expensive gifts laying around is like a billboard advertisement for robbers.


How To Keep The Grinch Away - Infographic - updated