It really depends on the appliance. A beautiful, stainless, glass front wine cooler is a pretty nice gift. On the other hand a blender is not. If your significant other shows up with side by side refrigerator and freezer he might be worth keeping around (as long as it had a built it ice maker). If he shows up with a toaster oven you might want to find another mate.

Home appliances are just one of the many Valentine’s gifts people will be unwrapping today. If you’re lucky you got a great household appliance like a Dyson or an in stove steamer it’s gonna be a great day for everyone. If you’re really lucky you got a complete kitchen remodel by Pratt Remodeling. If you end up with a bread baker or worse, nothing, well….there’s always next year.

Here’s a look at other Valentine’s Day Gifts and what they mean.