Last month Pratt Homes was proud to be a part of the annual Building Industry Gala at Mystic Lake Casino presented by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC). Len Pratt of Pratt Homes was honored to receive the Robert L Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award. More than 830 home builders and remodelers attended this prestigious event honoring the year’s top builders, remodelers, suppliers, designers and individuals.

Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award
The award is presented to a member that has more than 20 years of experience in our industry and has a powerful legacy of engagement and industry involvement throughout their career.

The 2017 Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award:
Len Pratt, Pratt Homes

It is an honor to work in an industry filled with so many talented and creative individuals. Coming together to celebrate with them is always such a rewarding part of being in this industry and we look forward to next year’s ceremony.

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About Pratt Homes

Len & Lowell Pratt began building homes in 1973. It was during those early years they began to realize their desire to build not just homes but neighborhoods as well. From those dreams came the inspiration of building a family business base upon the values of Quality, Trust and Dedication. Over the years, Len and Lowell have provided a long-standing commitment to the Twin Cities home building industry.

As the company grows, the brothers continue to personally guide its direction; Lowell is Head of Design and Construction, and Len is Head of Sales and Development.

The biggest award, however, are the families who call our homes “home.” Over the years, we have had the pleasure of building more than one for some of them, as their lives transition, and also have begun building homes for their now grown children.

We invite you to make our life’s work part of yours.