Pratt Remodeling recently did a kitchen remodel in a lovely turn of the century home. The kitchen was in great need of updating. Space could be used more efficiently with a smart remodel so Pratt Remodeling met with the homeowners to learn how they used their kitchen and then build a remodel around their lifestyle and habits.

Pratt Remodel Kitchen Before

Here is the kitchen before the remodel.

Pratt Remodeling Kitchen After image

And here is the kitchen after the remodel.

Pratt Remodeling Kitchen After image

What a great space saving idea!

The homeowners were so thrilled with the remodel process and the end result that they sent us this lovely letter.


… Pratt Homes assembled a great team … from the demolition of the original structures, excavation, foundation work, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, etc., all the way to millwork and cabinet installation and painting, was just a joy to work with. They did not even mind a meddlesome homeowner trying to pretend that he was a subcontractor. All of the subcontractors we asked were willing to do additional work around the house after we figured out how talented they were.

The project was about 3 weeks late in getting started compared to what we wanted, but we knew this from very early on. About 2 weeks before starting the project, Cal Anderson, from Pratt Homes, gave us a day-by-day schedule of how the project would proceed and claimed the entire project would take 12 weeks from beginning to end.

We did not believe him since we had heard so many stories of construction projects going well beyond the initial intended date of completion. Pratt Homes finished the kitchen in 12 weeks and one day. Very impressive!

We highly recommend Pratt Homes to anyone. Their work was on time and of very high quality.

– Stephen and Michel

To learn more about our remodeling services and how the process works give Mike a call at 651-429-8032 or send us an email.

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