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The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) 2013 Profile of Buyers’ Home Feature Preferences covers many aspects of real estate buyer preferences. Second on the list to central AC and cable-, satellite TV-, and/or Internet ready properties, home buyers are looking for homes, kitchens in particular, that provide ample storage space for a well-organized kitchen.

“Homeowners want a kitchen that has enough room to be very organized, with whatever the cook needs close at hand. A potential home buyer can more easily envision their own things in the kitchen if kept neat and organized,” said Jenna Thuening, owner of Home Destination.

NAR found that multiple work stations are now being planned from the start in new layouts for a well-organized kitchen, adding many options to the traditional triangle. Recent home improvement projects are trending towards initial planning that allows for more people to work efficiently and simultaneously in the kitchen, as it increasingly is the hub of home life.

Additionally, the survey showed that 99 percent of home buyers said it was important to them to purchased a home with an eat-in kitchen. The more a kitchen is used daily, the more the practicalities of good storage capabilities count to meet home buyer preferences to easily manage a well-organized kitchen.

Great Ideas For How To Organize A Kitchen From Home Destination:

1) De-clutter Countertops By Adding New Storage – Kitchen counters are multi-functional and quite attractive on their own without the noise of multiple appliances left out. Countertops can be de-cluttered of all the latest technology and appliances by planning storage areas.

2) Add A Built-In Desk Station – A kitchen that is large enough to incorporate a designated desk area will keep life better organized. For the highly efficient cook, having a station to store recipes or take calls with preparing meals helps a lot. This may mean adding a phone jack, a cable or Internet connection, electrical outlets, lighting, a space for a trash can, perhaps a paper shredder, and printer.

3) Custom Built In Wine Racks – Special items such as a cookbook rack, plate rack, or chilled wine rack are worthwhile investments during a kitchen upgrade. They add a sense of decor and style along with adding functional features.

4) Make Use Of Cupboard Corners – Dark corners in cabinets can end up becoming lost storage space. Lazy-Susans or storage containers on wheels can be keep a cupboard or pantry’s contents accessible when needed. These can be a great storage addition to a smaller kitchen and save that deep arm stretch into the back of the cabinet.

5) Kitchen Drawers With a Vertical Filing System – Each dish and lid gets its own space, and leaving room for less worry about piled-up dishes taking over cupboards and causing more breakage.

6) Free Standing Island – Kitchens with space ti add a freestanding island often find them becoming the hub of the kitchen. It is a great way to gain more counter space that can incorporate built-in storage for the microwave, trash bin, aluminum can compactor, or to store everyday appliances like blenders, toasters, coffee grinders, crock pots and the like. Vital storage for kitchen essentials can be well utilized while adding a display area to the work space.

7) Wall Shelves – There are many decorative finishes available to add finesse and personality to f simple shelving hat is added directly to the wall.

8) Blocked Cabinet Doors And Drawers -Obstructed storage space can include cabinets, refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers when the door is open, another storage area or cabinet is blocked. A kitchen renovation should be careful thought through and a re-designed to maximize kitchen storage space, considering the practicality of access to all storage areas.

Home Destination offers residential real estate services in the Twin Cites, providing additional proven advice to sellers on how to organize the laundry room, and create a well-organized garage before placing the home on the market. Potential Twin Cities home sellers seeking to enlist a local real estate expert may reach Home Destination at 612-396-7832.

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