With summer just around the corner, now is a great time to create an outdoor living space. The indoors come outside during the warm summer months in the Twin Cities. You can turn any drab backyard into an exciting outdoor living space with these great ideas.

Add Fire – Nothing says summer fun like sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallow. There are so many great options for fire. You can build an outdoor wood burning fireplace complete with mantle and chimney or you can opt for a gas fire table with stone or water accents. You can even dig your own fire pit.

Provide Seating – Be sure you have plenty of seating options on hand since you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. Include benches, chaise lounges and other outdoor furniture collections. There’s so much to choose from. By the Yard is a local company that makes sturdy and attractive outdoor lawn furniture out of recycled material. It’s affordable, attractive and easy to care for.

Add Sculpture – Adding a fountain or sculpture to your backyard creates a focal point and makes the space more interesting. You can find some great looking pieces of art at local artisan festivals or even make your own. Backyard art doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, thrift shop or flea market pieces provide some of the most unique pieces. Truly one of a kind.

Use Wall Space – Many people, when creating their outdoor living space, forget to utilize the walls of the house and the garage. These are perfect spots for interesting and larger artwork than you might display inside. Pier 1 is a great place to find interesting outdoor artwork

Light it Up – Use candles, flames candles and string lights to add warmth and light to the backyard. Hang string lights from trees, deck railings and stairways to create a mystical backyard wonderland.

These are just some ways you can turn your backyard into an outdoor living space that’s more than just a grill and a picnic table. For more ideas try outdoor living spaces on Pinterest