One of the best ways to add quality living space to your home is to remodel an already existing room. Remodeling  your basement is a lot more efficient that putting on an addition. Not only is it more efficient space-wise, it’s also a great investment. According to in their 2014 cost vs value study, a basement remodel allows you to recoup almost 78% of your investment if/when you sell your home.

No longer does the basement of your home have to be the dungeon. Today, a finished basement can be warm, inviting, and a place where your family can enjoy spending their time.

Before starting your basement remodel you should consider what you’d like to do with your new space. What do you want to get out of the space?  How do you plan on using the space? What you want to do with the space definitely affects what you’ll want to do during the remodel. Here are some common basement remodels that you may want to consider.

  • guest bedroom – if you tend to have a lot of family or friends over to visit, a guest bedroom may be just what you need in that new furnished living space. Not only is it a breeze to add that additional bedroom, but it’s also just a simple matter to add a bathroom to allow for your guests’ privacy. No longer will friends and family be sleeping on the couch, or a small mattress in your den.
  • home office – a home office is a great addition to any home. Whether you need the space for your home business, bring work home, or simply need a quiet place to pay some bills, a home office could be just what you need.
  • home gym – for some of us, getting to the gym even a few days a week can be a challenge. Between work, friends, family, and kids, it can be nearly impossible to devote time to driving to the gym and back. For those that would like to get to the gym more, a room dedicated to personal fitness may be best used in your new space. Now regardless of life’s distractions the gym will only be a few steps away.
  • wet bar and game room – if you think your home needs some more entertainment spaces, a great option is to include a wet bar and game room. Creating a space where you can serve drinks and snacks while playing a game of pool, darts, poker, etc is a simple matter.
  • workshop or craft room – if your family has a handyman/handywoman, an artist, or a crafts person, a room dedicated to that hobby may be a great addition to your home. There will be no need to back the car out of the garage in order to work on a project, and you’ll be able to work year round without getting your fingers cold! Additionally, because it’s a basement room it’s easy to hide the mess. You simply shut the door!
  • home theater – if your family really likes to watch movies together, but is started to get a little bored with the current set-up, it may be time to upgrade to a big screen with surround sound. Often these set-ups won’t fit in the living room or den, so the best option is to create a space in the basement. Creating a space in the basement is great because you can start from scratch in order to design it exactly the way you want.

Make a list of rooms your family would really like included in your home. Go through the list and determine what is most realistic and start planning to make it happen.

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