As a home remodelers in the Twin Cities we know how important it is to reduce waste and recycle building materials whenever possible. Recycling in the Twin Cities conserves energy, it reduces pollution in the water, the air and even in our parks and on the street. Recycling reduces green house gases and conserves natural resources. There is no doubt that recycling is a good idea and yet many people are still have a difficult time with it because there are so many confusing rules. It doesn’t help that Minneapolis and St. Paul have very different methods for picking up recycling, though that will be changing in the coming months as St. Paul adopt measures similar to Minneapolis. To try to make recycling easier for everyone we’ve put together this handy recycling resource to help you reduce, reuse and recycle.

Recycling in the Twin Cities

Minneapolis and St. Paul currently recycle a little differently (but it’s changing!). In Minneapolis you are provided a bin similar to the one you use for garbage. That bin is in the alley (usually) next to the garbage bin. Recycling in Minneapolis is picked up every other week. You can put all of your recyclable materials in the bin, there is no need to sort it anymore.

In St Paul recycling is picked up on the street in the front of the house. You can use any bin or paper bags. St. Paul also no longer requires you to sort the recyclable materials. Recycling is picked up weekly.

Minneapolis has a much higher rate of recycling than St. Paul does. This is probably due to the fact that you can treat your recycling like your garbage and put it all in one bin, out in the back out of site.

Where can I get recycling bins?
If you live in St. Paul and need bins you can usually find them at area rec centers or district councils. If you live in Minneapolis a cart will be delivered to your house. Carts for St Paul will be delivered over the next 6 months in St. Paul but will not start picking up in the alley until January 2017.

What can I recycle?
Currently you can recycle a whole bunch of things including – bottles – both glass and plastic, food and beverage cans, milk and juice cartons, paper products, shampoo containers, boxes (still no pizza boxes or any box that has been soiled with food or grease).

What can’t I recycle?
Most items can be recycled; you just can’t put them on the curb for pick up. Hazardous materials will need to be dropped off at the county Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off Site. Computers, monitors, and other electronics can be taken to do a Tech Dump location for a small fee.

Other ways to recycle your stuff:

Twin Cities Free Market


Donate your used clothing and household goods to help those in need.

Helpful Recycling Resources

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That’s it, it’s never been easier to recycle!