There’s no doubt the housing market is doing well these days. If you live in the Twin Cities you’ve noticed that there’s very little inventory when it comes to used homes. In many neighborhoods a house will come on the market only to be snatched up within hours. Many homebuyers are solving this problem by building their own home and many others are opting to remodel the home they have to better suit the way they live. Americans are expected to spend a near record $320 billion on home improvements this year and these are the trends that are emerging.

Remodeling Trends of 2017

Smart Home – Smart homes aren’t new, the trend has been been growing for years. Can you really call smart homes a trend? Maybe only if you consider indoor plumbing a trend. Still, the smart home industry is growing. 33% of homes are expected to have at least on connected device in 2017. Home security is probably the fastest growing sector of the smart home industry. Appliances that can create a grocery list and send it to your phone are right behind. Connecting all your devices to an Amazon Alexa or Google Home makes smart home technology easy to use.

Matte Finishes – Matte finishes for kitchen appliances are becoming more and more popular. You’re more likely to see matte finishes in the bigger cities on either coast right now, but soon enough the trend will make its way here. This could be an avocado green trend from the 70’s, it’s probably too soon to tell. Stainless steel will always be the front runner when it comes to the kitchen, but the matte finish is different and appealing. At least for now.

Self Cleaning Toilets – If you’ve been to Menard’s you’ve seen the self cleaning smart toilet. These toilets not only offer a built in bidet, but they also clean themselves.

Indoor Gardening – Homeowners want to eat healthy all year round and that means many of them are willing to install appliances that allow them to grow fresh herbs and veggies indoors. If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own food indoors using a hydroponic setup then the Urban Cultivator is for you. It will set you back $2500, however.

Vanity Conversions – Many homeowners are looking for a more custom feel to their kitchens and baths. No one wants a cookie-cutter bathroom and yet most of the designs in bathroom vanities look remarkably similar. Homeowners have been finding vintage desks, dressers and wardrobes and converting them to bathroom vanities. It’s surprisingly easy to convert a well built desk into a stunning bathroom fixture.