Renovating your home can quickly become a pricey endeavor. When you start the project you know that the money spent will all be worth it when you can walk into your new kitchen, bathroom, home theater, etc. Unfortunately during the process it can be hard not to try to lower the cost wherever you can. The end result is that you may start to cut corners.

Many homeowners have discovered that purchasing products like light fixtures and since from a retail store can cut down on some of the costs. Contractors don’t buy in bulk like the retail store, and because of that, are unable to match the prices of stores like Lowes or Home Depot.

In addition, builders often do now have a large of a selection of the chain store and are usually unable to show the homeowners samples of the finishes. Because of this, many homeowners go to retail stores to shop around for some of these fixtures. The problem is however, that when shopping in a retail store you’re more likely to pick a product based mostly on its looks. On the other hand, when you buy a product from a contractor, you’re buying a product that the builder has had past experience with, a product they know works. Builders are able to help you choose a product that will not only look nice, but it will last longer and perform better in the long run.

You may be able to save money by buying from a chain store and delivering it yourself, but doing so can interfere with the job schedule. Late delivery of a fixture, for example, can stall other processes and prolong the renovation, thereby increasing the time you are out of your home.

The lower costs at retail stores may be a very appealing idea, but it will only be cheaper initially, not in the long run. If you let the contractor buy the product for you, it will often turn out to be more cost effective in the future.

Most builder-contractors have been in the business for a while, and know which products work, and which products don’t. Often the products bought by the contractor will last longer because they will make their purchases based on quality and durability rather than appearance.

Buying from the contract can also save you time and potential headaches during your renovation. The more variable you add to a renovation, the more likely something will go awry. Order a product your self can result in late shipments and delay the entire process. The contractor, on the other hand, is able to order the fixture and schedule the delivery.

If you have a strong preference for buying a particular brand or model that your contractors supplier does not have, be sure to talk with the contractor. Usually something can be worked out, and if there is anything wrong with the brand or model you want that the contractor knows of they will be able to let you know before you sink your money into the product.