You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and go for that kitchen remodel, but you’re also wondering how to save on your kitchen remodeling costs. The good news is you can save a lot on kitchen remodeling costs by doing some research and being prepared before any demolition begins. Let’s face it, a kitchen remodel can be expensive and it can upset your life for some time. So you want to be as well prepared for the experience as you can. Here are some tips to keep costs down while still getting a great kitchen remodel.

How to Save on your Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Talk to your remodeler – Seems like an obvious tip, but many homeowners want something that isn’t always possible. Before you get your heart set on a design work with your remodeler to determine the best design for the space you have. You’re remodeler has been doing kitchen makeovers for a long time and he or she is going to know what will work best in your home.

No major design changes – Unless your kitchen has been remodeled numerous times, try to maintain the general footprint of your kitchen. This will eliminate moving doors and windows which can be costly. Often the reason the layout doesn’t seem like it works is because of the cabinetry – specifically the countertop area and cupboards. It usually boils down to not having enough workspace and storage space. Both of those issues can be fixed without redesigning the whole space.

Use stock cabinetry – Big box stores like Home Depot, Menards, Lowe’s etc all carry a wide range of cabinetry that comes in standard sizes that can be easily installed by a contractor. You can save a lot of money by foregoing the custom cabinets and instead using stock. Use the money you saved for countertops or appliances.

Countertops – If you’re looking to save money on your kitchen remodel many remodelers might suggest purchasing laminate countertops or even tile. And if your budget is tight, it’s a good idea. However, granite, marble, and stainless all look wonderful and perform better than any laminate can. The countertops are an investment in the home that pays off when it comes time to sell. While laminate can chip, get scratched and peel away, stone and stainless countertops look wonderful with little maintenance.

Try not to move appliances if possible – Another way people increase the cost of their kitchen remodel is by moving the sink or oven to different sides of the room. If you have to move gas or water lines you’re going to increase the cost of the remodel considerably. Moving these appliances a foot or two on either side of where they are now is not a big deal but having to run gas where it didn’t exist before is a big deal that will cost you.

Flooring – Hardwood is stunning but it absorbs water. This is another area where you don’t want to scrimp on materials because you need a high performing product. Laminates, vinyl sheeting and tile make great kitchen flooring that stays within budget.

Don’t forget about storage – One of the biggest complaints most homeowners have about their kitchen is that there isn’t enough storage space. If you have a pantry, you’re one of the lucky ones. If you don’t be sure to utilize wall space and consider adding an island as a multi use area – storage, workspace, eating area.

If you’d like to learn more about kitchen remodels give us a call, we’d love to answer any questions.