Now that summer is here who doesn’t want to spend the weekend on an easy project that will simplify and organize their home? You get an amazing amount of satisfaction from doing something yourself and if you’ve wanted to try your hand at some simple DIY projects for the home this is the place to start. Here are some simple DIY projects that not only look relatively quick and easy but can also make your home more organized and tidy.

Simple DIY Projects for the Home

  1. 7 Quick Ways to Actually Declutter Your Life – From the folks at Buzzfeed, this handy how-to shows you how to organize everything from spices to crafting yarn.
  2. Turn an Old Rake Head into a Rustic Utensil Holder – This is such a cute idea from Michelle at The Gracious Wife. She takes an old beat up heavy duty rake head and turns it into a charming utensil holder for her kitchen.
  3. 10 DIY Bathroom Decoration Ideas – If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom, these 10 chic decoration ideas for the bathroom will get you on your way. From a lovely ocean inspired decorative wreath to a beautiful cork bathmat, you’ll wish you had more bathrooms to try all of these easy DIY projects.
  4. $25 DIY Sofa Table – This is such a great idea and it looks pretty simple to do. put together a great tutorial for a simple yet elegant sofa table.
  5. Space Saving Hacks for the Kitchen – If you have a small kitchen this article from the Huffington Post will show you how to make the most of the space you have.
  6. DIY Drop Zone – has put together an easy to DIY drop zone tutorial for those who don’t have one already built into their home. This looks super easy, super fun and super cute!
  7. Genius Ways to Hide Home Eyesores – Another great DIY article from the folks at Buzzfeed. This one is about all the ways you can hide the ugly but necessary parts of your home.
  8. 18 DIY Remodeling Projects for the Home – has pulled together 18 of some of the best and simplest DIY projects with big ROI. Not only will your home look fantastic but you’ll have fun doing many of these projects.
  9. Cheap and Easy DIY Projects to Improve your Home – From easy to do wainscoting to fixing sagging couch cushions, there’s an easy project here for everyone.
  10. Tiny House Loft Bedroom – Ok, this one isn’t all that easy and will certainly take more than a weekend and you’re probably going to need some help, but the project is so adorable I just had to share. shares how she created a stunning bedroom loft for a tiny house.