Spring officially begins Tuesday, March 19th, 2024 and that means you need a spring cleaning checklist!! While this has been a mild winter, more springlike really, spring is a great time to get the house in order, do a thorough cleaning, and a great time to declutter – remember to donate unwanted items to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Shampoo Carpets and Rugs – Tree pollen is the main allergen during the spring, and it can last into May. Peak season for tree pollen is usually in early to mid April. And, of course, the muddy season can go on until your lawn comes back to life, so you may want to wait on cleaning your carpets and rugs. Cleaning carpets and rugs is one of those jobs best done by a professional, but if you choose to rent a machine and do it yourself make sure you pull as much moisture out of the rug or carpet as possible. Consider putting a few fans on in the room to help dry it out. Keep pets and people off until dry.

Dust Bookshelves and Books – Bookshelves and books often get overlooked during spring cleaning so be sure to remember to dust these areas.

Dust Walls and Ceilings – Dust collects on walls and ceilings too, believe it or not. You can use a vacuum attachment with a soft brush at the end or a soft cloth if there is no texture for it to get caught on.

Clean Under Tub – Another area that gets missed is underneath the tub. You’ll find bars of soap, old shampoo bottles and maybe a rubber ducky or two under the tub. With dust, hair and other debris, cleaning under the bathtub can be a dirty job. Wear gloves and check of razors and other sharp object before reaching under the tub. Scrub floor with sponge or cloth and mixture of vinegar and water solution to freshen the bathroom.

Dust Hard to Reach Areas – Use the soft brush attachment to clean on top of windows, door frames and other hard to reach areas.

Wash Windows and Screens – Remove screens and give them a good soaking from the hose. Next, use soapy water and a soft cloth or brush to remove dirt and dust. Wash windows inside and out with a commercial brand such as Windex or a water/vinegar mixture. Clean windows in the sun so you can spot any streaks that might be overlooked.

Mop Floors – Consider hiring a professional to steam clean your hardwood or laminate floors. If the floors show signs of wear and tear it might be time to buff hardwood and put a new coat of poly on.

Clean Underneath Couch and Chairs – Under the couch is where all things eventually end. Dog toys, holiday decorations, food – it’s all under there. Have someone help you move the couch so you can sweep up all the stuff that has accumulated there. Mop the floor and put the couch back. Good as new!

Clean Under the Bed – Same goes for under the bed. If the room is carpeted use a vacuum attachment to vacuum under the bed after removing anything that doesn’t belong there.

Clean or Replace Shower Curtain – Wash fabric shower curtains in the washing machine following manufactures instructions on the tag. Replace worn out and moldy shower curtain liners with new ones.

Clean Picture Frames – Like windows, picture frames get dirty. Use Windex or like cleaner to clean the glass and a soft cloth to wipe away dust.

Deep Clean Refrigerator – Now is the time to throw out anything that has expired. It is also time to get rid of anything you don’t like. That bottle of kale juice that’s never been opened, probably won’t expire for another year or two and that absolutely no one will drink — toss it out, it’s just taking up space.

Clean out Pantry – Same goes for the pantry. Toss anything that has expired and weed out the things you don’t like and know you will never use. Dust off cans and organize by type of food or alphabetically if you are so inclined.

Rotate Mattresses – Most mattresses these days can’t be flipped over, and are not designed to be. They do need to be rotated however, for even wear. Wash any mattress pads that might not get laundered as often as sheets.