If you’ve never lived through a kitchen renovation before, you many have no idea how to survive a kitchen renovation. You’ve finally found the kitchen remodeler in the Twin Cities who can incorporate all of your desires into your new kitchen. The old kitchen is just about to be demolished and you’re set to have that last meal in your old kitchen. You’re excited about the new kitchen but what do you do in the mean time? A family still has to eat. The first few days of a kitchen renovation are exciting, but if you haven’t done any planning the days between a demolished kitchen and your brand new renovated kitchen can really drag on.

How to survive a kitchen renovation

Sure, you could eat out three times a day, but that’s going to get expensive and unhealthy really quickly. Short of moving out of your home for the time it takes to remodel the kitchen, you’re going to have to create a temporary kitchen in another part of your home.

  1. Choose an area far from the remodeled area and also make sure it’s out of the way of contractors who may be moving heavy objects in and out of the area. You want to stay out of their way.
  2. Get a supply of heavy duty paper plates, cups and disposable utensils. You’re not going to have easy access to water (unless you’re using a laundry room) so you’ll want things you can throw away or recycle.
  3. Create an area to prepare food and include a coffee maker, toaster or toaster oven and a microwave if possible. A Crock Pot might also be useful here as you can make oatmeal before you go to bed for a healthy breakfast before work or school. If you have a small fridge you can store some food in it otherwise if you just need to keep milk and juice cold a cooler will do, just empty out the water and add ice as needed.
  4. Buy food as needed so you don’t need to store anything. Consider the deli area of most grocery stores have a whole menu of prepared food. You can eat healthy, you just need to go to the store more often. Buy only what your family will eat so there are no leftovers.
  5. Make use of your grill if weather permits. Even pizza can be grilled these days so you can do most of your cooking on the grill which means there’s little to clean up.

Now that you’ve got your kitchen torn apart you have an opportunity to go through your pantry and freezer and discard anything that is past its shelf life. If canned items haven’t expired but you don’t think you’ll use them then donate them to a food shelf. This is also a great opportunity to clean those kitchen appliances like the toaster, toaster oven, microwave and oven if you will be reusing those items in your new kitchen. If you’re not going to be using them but are able to donate them give them a good cleaning too.

Getting through a kitchen renovation isn’t easy. If you can schedule it during the summer months when you can get take the kids on vacation that can lessen the impact of not having a completely functioning kitchen. Just remember it won’t last forever and when the remodel is complete you’ll have a gorgeous kitchen!