The bathroom has long be a utilitarian room in the home. It has a function and for many homeowners there isn’t much you can do with it, but these top 5 trends in bathroom design will have you rethinking that belief. Most people are satisfied to have a tub, shower, toilet and vanity. Storage is nice but often an afterthought. Due to some great advances in technology the bathroom can be so much more than a place to apply makeup or take that daily shower.

Top 5 Trends in Bathroom Design:

Accessibility – The days of stainless steel grab bars and rickety bath chairs are over. Today’s bathroom is designed with accessibility in mind. Homeowners are opting for no threshold showers and even “wet rooms” that encase both the shower and the tub for privacy, easy access and to keep the water out of the rest of the bathroom. Built in shower seating is also a great aging in place feature that many homeowners are insisting on.

Argon Charged Windows – Windows in bathrooms have either been located up high or been fixed with treatments for privacy. Blocking out the natural light and calming view is no longer required if you desire privacy. Argon charged windows provide privacy and yet allow you to see outside. Windows can be placed in more appealing areas of the room to capitalize on both natural light and outside views.

Vertical Gardens – Why not bring the outdoors inside? Vertical gardens are gardens that are grown vertically as a space saving technique. What homeowners have discovered over the years is that the bathroom is a great place to grow plants indoor. Not only is the room conduce to growing plants with sunlight and humidity but having a vertical garden can be a very calming feature of the bathroom. Check out these vertical gardens to get some great ideas for your bath.

Hands Free Fixtures – You’ve seen them in public restroom for a while now, hands free soap dispensers and touchless faucets can be great amenities if you have accessibility concerns.

Smart Storage – Use vertical space and run cabinets all the way up the wall to maximize storage space, especially in small bathrooms. If you don’t have cabinetry or it is limited consider using a piece of furniture like a wardrobe or hutch to increase storage space in your bathroom.