People are staying in their homes longer these days. The average homeowner will live in their current home for nearly 15 years. That’s a long time to look at the same chipped tile or have to jiggle the handle on the toilet. Because homeowners are staying in their homes longer than before, many are finding that a bathroom renovation is a good idea. And not just because of broken fixtures but for many reason. Here are the top five reasons to remodel your bathroom.

bathroom remodel Outdated Bathroom

While we don’t spend as much time in the bathroom as other rooms of the house it’s always nice to like the decor of the room you’re in. If you can’t stand the pink and black deco tiles or you’re sick of the maroon and green wallpaper it might be time to consider a remodel. If your bathroom has been remodeled before (especially in the 60s or 70s) you might want to reinstall a tub and remove the plastic liner shower that leaks all over the floor.

Handicap Accessibility

As more and more homeowners are aging in place they find they need to make their home more accessible to wheel chairs, walkers and other mobility devices.  Adding a handicap accessible tub or shower is a great way to allow seniors or the handicap to age in place. The bathroom is a room where many people fall so adding slip proof tile, bars and other amenities can make the quality of life for some greatly improved.

bathroom remodelResale Value

A bathroom remodel offers a 64% ROI according to US News Money. Along with the kitchen a bathroom is something potential homeowners consider when purchasing a home. If the bathroom is dated, unsafe or cramped you might find selling your home is more difficult than someone who has an updated bathroom.

Mold and Mildew

You might not be able to see the mold and mildew that collects in a poorly ventilated bathroom but over the years mold can thrive behind the walls and under the floors in older baths. Mold and mildew can cause a host of respiratory issues but the good news is once it’s removed the damage usually repairs itself.

Not Enough Space

Let’s face it, the bathrooms in some older homes are just too small. If you have to squeeze in behind the door and shut it before you can do anything you know you have a bathroom that is just too small. Odds are if you have a small bathroom you don’t have enough storage space in their either. Call a bath remodeling specialist like Len Pratt to learn how you can increase the space in your bathroom and with a reasonable budget.

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