gI_74896_raleigh_red_bathroomWith old man winter finally out the door, summertime is finally here. To celebrate the start of summer, Chicago-based Company Luxury Bath is introducing its top four bathroom remodeling tips for brightening up and refreshing the bathroom.

Add Some Color

Nothing says a summer bathroom like bright and happy colors. Consider updating the lackluster bathroom with trendy and eye catching colors and designs. Bathroom remodeling company Luxury Bath offers an array of unique bathroom design patterns and colors, including bright whites and classic marbled grays to make the bathroom pop. Even a change in design can make a bathroom more uplifting. Add an urban or contemporary feel to the bathroom with trendy bathroom remodeling designs like Luxury Bath’s subway or piazza tile patterns.

Get Organized

Tackle the clutter in the bathroom and create a clean and welcoming look for the summer season. Store and organize bathroom products by using stylish shelving. Bathroom remodeling company Luxury Bath offers different soap dishes and tower caddies to help organize bathing essentials. Not only do they store soaps, but with several size options to choose from, large bulky shampoo bottles never looked so good on a shelf.

Cleaner is Better

For many, summertime consists of sunny skies, warmer temperatures, and of course more humidity. Bacteria, mold and mildew seem to grow and thrive in humid conditions, especially in the bathroom. To keep the bathroom fresh this summer, clean and disinfect the bathroom regularly. Bathroom remodeling products like Luxury Bath’s tubs and shower systems are infused with an antimicrobial technology called Microban, helping to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Requiring mild cleaning, the bathroom remodeling company’s tubs and shower systems keep the bathroom fresher for longer.


Even the smallest touches can bring a bathroom out of a dull state. Accessorize the bathroom with updated wall hooks, drains, and faucets. Update and unify appliances with brushed nickel or chrome accessories to help create a sleek and integrated fresh look in the bathroom.

By following these four bathroom remodeling tips you’ll enjoy transforming the bathroom into a refreshing and energizing space you’ll love this summer.

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