It’s a great time to build your home, especially in the Omaha where there are so many wonderful locations to build. When choosing to build your own custom home, you are allowed to focus on what features you want in your home, what you and your family would prefer to make the home specific to you. These features aren’t likely to be the same as the neighbors down the street.

Here at Pratt Homes we plenty of floor plans to choose from and and endless array of possibilities when selecting personal options so that you can get your home just right. While some of the standard features of a home remain the same you’d be surprised at what has changed. Here are some of the top design trends that we’ve been seeing in custom homes in 2015.

1. Second Master Suite

Many families have chosen to age in place instead of moving to an assisted living home or nursing home when they get older. Building with forethought about something such as aging in place can allow the homeowner to build a second master suite for live-in help or children who want to help aging parents.

2. Elevator and Ramps

Also handy for those who choose to age in place a ramp and elevator are extremely handy when elderly need assistance with walking.

3. No Formal Dining Room

Who would have ever thought that a dining room would become optional? With today’s floor plan built around the kitchen many families find they simply don’t use the formal dining room. An open floor plan with kitchen focus allows for a dinette as well as island dining so there is no need to haul dishes, food and people into another room in the house. Clean up is easy and everyone can stay part of the conversation. An added bonus is that you can use the dining room space for a home office or craft room.

4. Hidden Microwave

For decades the microwave has had a place above the range. What was once a status symbol that people wanted to showcase has now been relegated to an out of the way place usually in the butler’s pantry.  In today’s gourmet kitchens people would rather use the space for another conventional oven, roasting oven or convection oven. Because other more conventional ovens are more ideal for cooking (rather than reheating) the microwave is losing its prominence and being located in other less conspicuous locations.

5. Sport Court

The sports court is more than just a place to shoot baskets during the cold winter months. A sports court can add value to your home, keep your family active and motivate you to work out. Want to be that family where all the kids hang out? Add a sport court to your home.


6. Rear foyer with Locker/Cubbies

The rear foyer has been a bonus to hockey moms everywhere. Assign each child their very own locker and you won’t have to trip over all those sticks and gear when you come in from the garage. Added bonus is teaching your kids at an early age how to care for their stuff.

7. Wine Tasting Rooms

What was once the rec room or basement has now been turned into beautifully decorated wine tasting rooms. These rooms are located in the basement or lower level of the home because they make a great place to store the wine as well as taste it.

8. Game Rooms

Keep the kids occupied with a game room designed for gaming. Not only do you free up your living area from game consoles, games and accessories but your kids have their own place to hang out leaving your living fresh and clean for your friends.

9. Outdoor Great Rooms

More than a patio with a set of chairs and a table the outdoor great room comes complete with stone fireplace, kitchen and fire pit. Enjoy the fresh air, ambiance and wonder of the great outdoors but with all the comforts and convenience of home.

10. Drop Station/Charging Station

These days technology is everywhere and that means you have many devices that all need charging. Gone are the days of tangled cords and overloaded outlets. Today’s drop stations or charging stations provide a single space that discreetly charges all of your tech such as tablets, phones, watches, and even portable speakers.