Warm weather in Minnesota means tornadoes. There might still be a chill in the air but tornadoes are possible any time now.

From Mother Nature Network:

In the U.S., tornado season tends to move northward from late winter to mid-summer. In Southern states, tornado season is typically from March to May. In the Southern Plains, it lasts from May to early June. On the Gulf Coast, tornadoes occur most often during the spring. And in the Northern Plains, Northern states and upper Midwest, peak season is in June or July.
The two regions with a disproportionately higher incidence of tornadoes are Florida and Tornado Alley. Florida’s high tornado frequency is credited to their almost daily thunderstorms, as well as the many tropical storms and hurricanes that affect the Florida peninsula.
Minnesota is the end of Tornado Alley.
Learn more about tornadoes from this infographic from Live Science. See where they happen most and least and other fascinating stats about tornadoes.
where are the tornadoes
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