Trends come and go. We all remember the 80s with green and maroon everything, wallpaper and really dark cabinetry. Those were great then, but not so much now. Especially if you plan on selling your home in the future. Trends are fun, but they don’t always last. If you are going to incorporate trends into your home design and decor, try to go with the more classic trends like the all white kitchen or accenting with a suggested trend rather than creating a theme of it throughout your home.

Some of these trends may not have made their way to the Midwest yet, don’t worry, you’ll see them soon enough.

Home Décor Trends of 2017

Navy Blue – It’s all about navy blue this year. Navy is a lovely color and makes a wonderful accent on throw pillows, upholstery and even trim. Some rooms such as a study or library are perfect for all navy walls, but it may be too dark for smaller bedrooms or the kitchen.

White Kitchens – Speaking of kitchens, the all white kitchen has been a top trend for several years. As trends go, the all white kitchen is a classic. This trend may be around for a long time and it may never show its age. The all white kitchen is a good trend to bet on.

Artisanal Pieces – Homeowners want interesting and unique pieces of artwork and decor, big box items from Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Room and Board are on the way out while artisanal pieces from Etsy are in.

Flamingos and Butterflies – Used to be these trends were only found at Grandma’s house, now they are everywhere. You may want to use them with caution. If you love the look of the pink flamingo consider the lawn flamingo or as used on accent pieces like throw pillows, framed artwork or other accessory pieces.

Acrylic – It’s come and gone before so you may have some of these lovely accents. Acrylic is a great medium for barstools, table tops, frames and other accessories. It’s clean, and easy to clean.

Faux Marble – Marble has made its way from the countertop to the wall. For most people, a wall of marble just isn’t a reasonable thing, but now you can get faux marble wallpaper to produce a lovely and unique look to any room.

Hygge – We’ve talked about Hygge before, back when no one knew what it was. Now, it’s everywhere. Hygge is a Danish concept that produces a warm and inviting place for rest, relaxation and recharging. Think warm and cozy when you think Hygge.