Now more than ever, people are taking their indoors outside. These trends in outdoor living reflect our desire to get back to nature, unplug a bid, and reconnect with great food and even better company.

Trends in Outdoor Living

Affordable and Sustainable – Homeowners want a backyard design that is both affordable and sustainable. They prefer natural materials to man-made ones and when possible want them to be as eco-friendly as can be. Natural materials like wood, stone and wicker or rattan are preferable to plastics and laminates. Cedar is a wonderful choice as it repels many pests.

Indoor Quality, Outside – You may have noticed that outdoor furniture looks strikingly like indoor furniture. Design has come a long way so that your outdoor furniture can be waterproof and fade resistant without being uncomfortable. No need to bring furniture indoors over the winter, it can be used year-round which increases the value of these pieces.

Natural Habitats – More and more families are inviting earth’s creatures to share the backyard space with them. Homeowners grow plants that attract birds, bees, butterflies and all kinds of other wildlife.

Water – Fountains are huge this year. Nothing is quiet as relaxing as the sound of a babbling brook or a gentle waterfall. You’ll find koi ponds, rain gardens and other water features in many outdoor living environments.

Tech – While many homeowners prefer to unplug while outdoors, there are those who take full advantage of tech. From movie projectors to watch summer hits on the side of the house to wifi hifi, tech can be utilized easier now that wifi boosters have come down in price and need nothing more than an outlet to increase your wifi outside.

Outdoor Kitchens – More and more people are creating outdoor kitchens complete with fridge, stovetop and even oven in addition to the standard grill. All you need is at your fingertips, so there will be no slamming the door 20 times while your try to bring the meal outdoors.