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If you’re thinking about doing a kitchen or bath remodel you need to check out Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual tool for collecting and organizing the things you love. Not only is Pinterest easy to use (and it’s free!) it’s a lot of fun too. Just don’t sign up unless you have some time on your hands. It’s nearly impossible to leave Pinterest after a few minutes. It’s a very addicting website.

With Pinterest you can create boards of any category and then pin your ideas to them.

Interested in an upgrade to a small bathroom? Simply enter ‘small bathroom remodel’ in the search bar on the top left corner and hit enter. Like any search engine you will have hundreds of results to look through.

If you find a design or idea you like you can click on the image and it will usually take you to the site where the idea was generated. Alternatively you can print out the image, save it to your phone or share it with your home remodeler.

You can organized all your ideas on one board or several. As you pin more and more items you will notice patterns evolving which makes it easier to choose the different design elements for your project.

Give it a try, you’ll absolutely love it.

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