This winter has been mild to say the least, will this mild winter harm my lawn and garden? According to The Midwest Regional Climate Center’s Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index, this is the mildest winter on record in the Twin Cities, Duluth, International Falls, Austin and Winnebago.

Bad news for ski enthusiasts, out door ice rinks and ice sculptures, but it’s been nice not having to shovel and the heating bills are pretty mild compared to last year.

Will this Mild Winter Harm My Lawn and Garden?

However, no snow pack is not good for our lawns and gardens. It’s tempting to want to pick up the yard, do some raking or pruning, but it’s best to wait. Plants aren’t able to grow out of any stress they might endure from pruning and won’t be able to until the soil temperature reaches 40°F.

Until then, we won’t really know what we’re dealing with, but it’s best to leave it alone.

You may notice some dead bees on the sidewalk. Sadly the bees are doing test flights due to the warm weather, but it’s too cold for them. Another creature you might see, or see symptoms of is the deer tick. Fewer ticks have died off from last season due to the warm weather, and they are active earlier due to the warm weather. So be sure to wear continue your tick preventative measures while outside this February.

Forecasters are calling for a continued warmer winter into spring. It’s not too early to start any seeds you might want to plant in the garden when we’re past the frost stage. Now is also a great time to start planning any upgrades or renovations to your outdoor areas? In need of a new deck, patio, fence or considering an outdoor kitchen? Give Jedd a call at 651-233-4578 and start planning today!