There are many reasons to remodel your kitchen. Some are strictly financial while others are more about style or comfort. Considering how much time we spend in our kitchens (or would if we actually liked them) a kitchen remodel is always a good investment. Here are five great reasons to remodel your kitchen.

Outdated Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel in Woodbury

An outdated style of kitchen is one of the top five reasons people remodel their kitchen. We spend more time in the kitchen (awake and alert) than any other room. The kitchen, in most newly built homes, is incorporated into the living area but in older homes it usually sits in the back of the home separated by an unused dining room. Many new homeowners have found opening up the kitchen and using some of the space of the dining room to change the whole feel of the home. Many homeowners have opted to stay in an updated home rather than moving.

Energy Efficient Kitchen

You don’t have to remodel your whole kitchen to make it more energy efficient. By replacing appliances as they fail with modern Energy Star Appliances you can save a ton on your monthly utility bills. However one thing leads to another and usually most homeowners find that if they are going to invest in new appliances they want the surrounding room to reflect the new lines and style. Swapping out an old avocado green electric range for a stainless steel gas oven and range can make the rest of the kitchen look even more dated.

Handicap Accessible Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel in WoodburyAs more and more homeowners are aging in place they find they need to make their home more accessible to wheel chairs, walkers and other mobility devices. Remodeling the kitchen allows the homeowner to open up entry and exit doors and to also lower counters if need be.

Resale Value of the Home

Remodeling your kitchen provides one of the best ROI or return on investment. According to US News Money a kitchen renovations offers up to a 66% return on your investment. While it’s true there are better remodeling investments to be had a kitchen is one of the first things a potential home buyer looks at and considers when buying a new home. The eventual sale of your home could be entirely based on the kitchen.

Watching too many DIY shows

Kitchen Remodel in Woodbury

This isn’t necessarily the best reason to remodel your home and least if you plan on doing it yourself. You can’t turn on the TV today without running across a half hour show where five guys bang out a beautiful kitchen remodel on a ridiculously low budget and seemingly as if they know nothing about home renovations. Seeing these shows make it look like anyone can gut their kitchen and remodel it on a weekend. It never works that way. If you are in need of a kitchen remodel please call a remodeling professional like Len Prattwho will steer you in the right direction.


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