Top trends in bathroom design, bathroom with built in shelves, floating vanityWhether you’re thinking about remodeling an outdated bathroom or you’re looking to add an additional bathroom to your home there are many bathroom design trends to keep in mind. From the soaking tub to floating vanity many of today’s hot trends are about clean lines and ease of use (and clean up).

1. Floating Vanities — The vanity is the heart of the bathroom but if you don’t have much room you don’t want to fill it up with a clunky vanity. Today’s vanities offer beauty and function but don’t clutter up the space like larger vanities with cabinetry. A floating vanity is easy to clean under and lets you showcase your flooring that otherwise might be covered by cabinets.

2. Built In Ledges — Not only practical but beautiful as well. Built in ledges provide smaller places with ample storage while keeping the space organized and clean looking.

3. Bold Colors — You don’t have to remodel the whole bathroom to brighten it up. A bold color of paint can turn a drab bathroom into a lovely oasis. Just lock the door so the kids don’t barge in on you.

4. Multi Headed Showers — Nothing says luxury quite like multiple streams of pressurized water coming at you from every direction.

5. In Floor Heating — Energy efficient and wonderfully luxurious. Nothing is worse than getting out of a warm shower or bath and stepping on to cold tile. In floor heating is radiant and can keep the room warm with less energy. There is also less need for radiators or baseboard heating elements that take up space.

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