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How to care for: Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile and Marble Floor

Ceramic tile and marble are natural products and with proper maintenance will last the lifetime of your home. Here are a few basic tips in keeping these wall and floor covering products beautiful throughout the years.

Ceramic Wall & Floor Tile

After you have moved into your new home we recommend cleaning your ceramic tile with a pH balanced neutral cleaner: Superior Miracle Cleaner.  This product is designed to clean any grout film or soil, which may have been left on the surface during the construction phase of your home.  Merely using water and Miracle Cleaner, sponge the area thoroughly in a circular motion.  Not only will this clean the tile, but it will also clean the grout making the gout more vivid and sanitary.  No matter what tile is on the wall or floor, no matter what detailing on borders or accent tiles, this product is recommended to clean the tile without creating a “film build-up” on the surface.

(Caulking around tub/shower area is the responsibility of the homeowner.)

Sealing the Grout

After you have thoroughly washed the surface and allowed it to dry (approx. 10 hrs) now apply Penetrating Sealer to the grout lines.  This sealer is a below surface sealer and will not allow soil or moisture to penetrate into the grout joint.  Grout is porous and will take on soil; therefore, it is necessary to seal only the grout to keep it sanitary and clean. There are several sealers on the market today for ceramic tile, however, most all of them have to be applied once every five years.  (On countertops however, Penetrating Sealer is designed be applied once every two years.) Keep in mind that most of our ceramic tiles are glazed (either with a matte, semi-satin, or gloss surface), there is no need to seal a glazed tile, merely the grout.

(Always follow the directions on the packaging for best results)

Marble Tile

All marble tile are porous; and most cleaners will harm the polish of marble.  Miracle Cleaner is a neutral cleaner and is recommended for cleaning marble without harming its surface.

After moving into your home, clean your marble tile using Miracle Cleaner and water.  We have found that a clean sponge mop works the best.  After washing the marble with Miracle Cleaner, rinse the surface with clean water.  This will pick up any residue.  Allow the surface to dry 10 hours and apply the Penetrating Sealer on the marble surfaces as well as the grout with a clean sponge.  It is very important to follow the directions on the packaging.  Only seal a small area at a time, wiping up any excess sealer off the marble surface, a white milky film will remain on the surface.  Therefore, follow the directions to the letter and seal small areas at a time.

We are confident that you will be happy with your ceramic tile and marble products and will see that keeping them looking beautiful day in and day out requires very little effort.  After all, this should be your primary decision for decorating with tile in your home; easy maintenance!

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